DWS系统 >>

     Dynamic Weighing Solution


    The system enables the user to fully automatically capture the dimensions, weight and barcode details (identification) of items passing through.

产品标准配备包括以下设备 >>
    Our standard solution includes following components:
    1台送料输送机  1 infeed conveyor
    1台间隙式输送机    1 gapping conveyor
    1台内嵌动态称和仪表的运输机  1 conveyor with an integrated and certified dynamic weighing scale incl. operator panel
    1 台出料输送机   1 outfeed conveyor
    1 套带缓冲滑槽的包裹自动分拣系统   1 automatic parcel diverter system with buffer chute
    1 套安装有镜头和尺寸识别系统的铝制框架   1 aluminium frame assembly to mount the camera(s) and certified dimensioning system
    1 台解码服务器   1 decoding server pc
    1 台输送机控制柜,包括PLC系统   1 conveyor control cabinet incl. PLC system
    光-眼传感器阵列   Photo Eye sensor array
    电缆包括紧急开关等   All cabling incl. emergency switches etc.